Women in India


A Synopsis by IndiaOneStop.Com

  • Contrary to sensational reports sometimes appearing in the news-hungry media in both India and other countries, female infanticide, bride burning (for reasons of dowry) and 'sati' (widow burning) are NOT normal in India. Each of these acts is a criminal act and an extremely rare occurrence.

  • Enron Corporation’s (Power Division) CEO Rebecca Mark, a woman, has inadvertently highlighted that women are taken at a par with men in government and business. She managed to rescue a contract her company had won but had run into trouble with a state government in India.

  • India has the world’s largest number of professionally qualified women.

  • India has more female doctors, surgeons, scientists and professors than the United States.

  • India has more working women than any other country in the world. This includes female workers at all levels of skill – from the surgeon and the airline pilot to bus conductors and menial labourers.

  • On an average however, women in India are socially, politically and economically weaker than men.

  • Moves are underway to empower women. The most news-making development was the introduction of the Women’s Bill in Parliament in late 1998: the Bill seeks to reserve a certain percentage of seats in Parliament for women. This Bill is most likely to be passed by Parliament in 1999.

  • There is a National Human Rights Commission for Women that handles all human rights violations against women. There is a National Council for Women that advocates policy for Women. There is an entire ministry for women that formulates and implements policy for them.

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