Press and TV in India

Did you know?

The freedom of the Indian press is comparable to Western standards.


A Synopsis by IndiaOneStop.Com

  • Nothing is taboo and nobody is sacred to the Indian press and, increasingly, TV. From the private life of the high and the mighty to financial and sex scandals involving political leaders -- the Indian press publishes it all.

  • There is no censorship or government involvement in the press.

  • Persecution of journalists is rare: if there is any country with a developing economy that can be called a paradise for journalists, it is India.

  • The press comprises national and regional newspapers, magazines, newsletters in English and local languages.

  • TV channels in India are both state-owned and privately owned. The state-owned TV is known as 'Doordarshan'.

  • Private TV channels have grown rapidly though some of them are known to be in financial trouble.

  • Private TV channels run popular serials similar to Western soaps. Their popularity causes worry among traditionalists because of the hep culture they tend to project.

  • Talk shows on all conceivable topics -- from politics to lesbianism -- are staged mostly by the private TV channels.

  • However, the concept of TV as a stand-alone medium is yet to catch on. A majority of TV entertainment programmes by both state-owned and the private channels, are based on popular cinema. Most well-known performers in entertainment programmes on TV are somehow or the other connected to the movie industry.

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