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You are welcome to mail your résumés (as MS Word file (.doc) or Text File (.txt) attachment) for inclusion in this section free of charge. Note, however, the following points:

  • Remember, this is a résumé section. Résumé means "summary." So, please be brief and to-the-point. Potential employers may not have the patience to read through lengthy text on the computer screen. If the summary interests them, they will directly ask you for more details.

  • Do not give out any information that you consider confidential. You may use a pseudonym if you wish, but we – IndiaOneStop.Com – must have your full name though we shall not publish it if you so request.

  • Structure your résumé into the following components:
    1) The overall profession to which you belong (e.g. marketing, software engineering, civil engineering, administration, journalism etc.)
    2) Name and personal details (include nationality)
    3) Objective/s
    4) Qualifications
    5) Additional skills
    6) Professional Experience
    7) Hobbies and
    8) Contact details.

  • You may attach your picture if you wish.

  • Try to limit your résumé to 1,000 words

  • Résumés will remain on our website for six months. If you wish it to be displayed for a shorter period, please advise us when you want it to be removed. If you wish it to remain on our site for more than six months, please advise us of the same. You don't have to mention this when you post your résumé; you can do it later.

  • IndiaOneStop.Com reserves the right to edit any résumé it receives without changing the facts. We also reserve the right to decline publishing any particular résumé though this right will not be exercised without a valid reason.

  • E-mail your résumé as an MS Word File (.doc) or Text File (.txt) attachment. The e-mail address is provided below

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