Indian diplomatic missions (SU-SY)
Did you know?
India represents 17 per cent of mankind. There is hardly a country in the world where Indians don't live and work.


Did you hear the joke?
When Neil Armstrong landed on moon thinking he was the first human being to set foot there, he was shocked to be greeted on moon by an Indian running a small grocery! Yes, Indians are everywhere; they are no strangers to you!!





Embassy of India
P.O.BOX 707,61, Africa Rd., Khartoum-II
Telephone:  00-249-11-451031,451209,451202
Fax: 249-11-452266
Telex:  22228 INDEM SD 

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Embassy of India
10, Rode Kruislaan, P.O. Box 1329, Paramaribo
Telephone: 00-597-498344,498018
Fax: 00-597-491106
Telex: 472 INDEMB SN

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Embassy of India
Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata 12, Box 1340, Stockholm 11183
Telephone: 00-468-107008,4113212,4113237
Fax: 00- 468-248505
Telex: INDITEL S 11598 

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  Embassy of India
Effingerstrasse 45, CH-3008, Berne
Telephone: 00-41-31-3823111,3823141,3823151
Fax: 00-41-31-3822687
Telex: 911829 INDE CH
  Honorary Consulate of India
Stampfenbacstrasse 73, CH-8039, Zurich
Telephone: 0041-1-3658365 
  Consulate General of India
9, Rue de Valais, CH-1202, Geneva
Telephone: 00-41-22-7320859
Fax: 00-41-22-7315471
Telex: 41-2651 INDE CH 

Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations Offices in Geneva
9, Rue du Valais, 6th & 7th Fl., 1202, Geneva
Telephone: 00-41-22-7320859,7384443 
Fax: 00-41-7315471
Telex: INDEL CH 412651 

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Embassy of India
Yassin Nouwelati Building,
40/46, Adnan Malki Streer.,
P.O. Box 685, Damascus
Telephone: 00-963-11-719580,719581,718203
Fax: 00-963-11-713294  
Telex: 411377 INDEM SY  

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