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The high ash content of Indian coal makes it imperative to wash it before it is supplied to the thermal power stations.

 Did you know?

The word 'tonne' is the same as a 'metric ton'?





Coal washeries

Points to be noted

  • India's total coal reserves are estimated at about 196 billion tonnes (or metric tons).

  • India's annual coal production is around 254 million tonnes per annum (TPA) and more than 85 percent of that is contributed by the seven divisions of state-owned Coal India Limited (CIL).

  • Most of the non-coking coal produced in India has a  high ash content (40-45 percent on average). This is why CIL proposes to have coal washeries near the pit-heads before it is supplied to the large consumers such as thermal power plants all over India.

  • CIL wants the private sector Indian and foreign companies to set up non-coking coal washeries, on "Build, Own and Operate" basis.

  • CIL will provide land for the washeries near the pit-heads on long lease, but washed coal and washery rejects will remain its property with the private investors allowed to charge a coal beneficiation price.

  • A total of 14 new washeries are to be given to the private sector and/or foreign companies.

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