Top export sector for India market

Did you know?

India is the world's 10th biggest producer of steel.

Iron and steel plant equipment and services

(in US$ million)

Iron & steel plant equipment and services 1995 1996 1997*
Total market size




Locally manufactured 475 590 680
Total exports 35 50 65
Total imports 365 430 530
Exchange rate: US$1 = Rs. 32.75 34.95 35.00
Source: Independent studies
*1997 figures are estimates

Promising sub-sectors

1997* market size (US$ mn)

Continuous slab/billet casters, ladles etc


Hot-rolling and cold-strip rolling mills etc


Process control instruments


Special refractory items


Points to be noted:

  • India's ranks among the world's top 10 steel producers with a grand total production of over 18.5 million tonnes per annum (TPA) of steel.

  • India has seven large integrated iron and steel plants, of which six are owned by the public sector Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) and one by the private sector, Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (more popularly known as Tata Steel or TISCO).

  • All the seven integrated plants use the Blast-Furnace and L.D./Basic-Oxygen Furnace (BF-LD/BOF) process and all combined produce about 11.5 million TPA of steel.

  • India also has some160 medium/mini-steel plants in the private sector, which produce a total of around 9 million TPA of steel by the Direct-Reduced Iron and Electric-Arc Furnace (DRI-EAF) process.

  • In addition, there are about 550 small firms, using arc/induction furnaces to melt steel scrap, produces a total of 1.5 million TPA of steel castings and other products.

  • Although the grand total of 18.5 million TPA places India among the top ten producers of steel in the world, the per capita steel production, of only 26 kg per person, is much below the world average of 150 kg.