Top export sector for India

Did you know?

Many Indian food-processing firms are keen on joint ventures with foreign firms.

Intermediate food products

(in US$ million)

Intermediate food products 1994-95 1995-96 1996-97
Total imports 5.0 7.0 9.0
Source: Independent studies
Year ending 31st March


Promising sub-sectors
Cheese powders

Points to be noted:

  • Many of India's food-processing companies are known to be keen to import intermediate food products. As can be seen in the top table, imports have rising.

  • As India's food-processing industry grows and becomes more sophisticated, there is no doubt that the market for intermediate food products and ingredients will grow.

  • It is important that you, or your agents in India, ensure that intermediate food products are considered by customs officials as industrial intermediates and not as consumer products to minimise customs duty. Though law looks at intermediate food products as industrial intermediates, there have been reports that uninformed customs officials have treated them as consumer products.