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India is the first location outside the US selected by Microsoft and Oracle to serve as their software writing base.


National Taskforce on Information Technology & Software Development


Electronic& Computer Software Export Promotion Council

Computer/IT software

Market data
(in US$ million)

Software for information technology 1995 1996 1997*
Total market size




Locally manufactured 763 1,046 1,433
Total exports 449 615 842
Total imports 105 136 186
Exchange rate: US$1 = Rs. 32.75 34.95 35.00
Source: Independent studies
*1997 figures are estimates

Promising sub-sectors

1997* market size (US$ mn)



Educational services


Networking software


Multimedia software


Database maintenance software


Points to be noted:

  • Quick, India may not remain a software 'market' for long. It is becoming one of the world's top exporters of software.

  • The Indian computer software industry grew at an annual compound growth rate of 46 per cent and reached US$ 1.2 billion in 1995.

  • Software exports, which is the mainstay of the Indian computer software industry, grew by more than 38 per cent.

  • Even the domestic market grew by more than 45 per cent, making India one of the largest emerging markets for computer software.

  • Global software giants that are active in India include Oracle, Microsoft, Cypress, Spectra Innovations (of the US), LG Electronics (Korea), Siemens (Germany), while others like Hewlett Packard, IBM, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Digital Equipment Corporation, etc.

  • The government of India 's industrial and investment policies support all software ventures, particularly export projects. Import duties have been rationalized in the past years and are expected to be further reduced to enable the industry compete on a global basis.

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