Environmental Research Laboratories in India

Did you know?

India has the world's third largest pool of scientific and technical personnel.

Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP)
P.O. IIP, Mohkampur
Dehra Dun - 248005, India.
Tel: (+91) 135 627031-34
Fax: (+91) 135 621986
Conducts research in Refining, Catalysts, Cruid Oil Transportation, chemicals, Energy Conservation, environment, I.C. engines.
Services provided: Testing/Analysis/Evaulation, refineries, Training Programme.

Central Fuel Research Institute (CFRI)
Distt. Dhanbad
Dhanbad- 828108, India.
Tel: (+91) 326 61807
Fax: (+91) 326 864350
Conducts research in Coal and Lignite, Steel, Power, Petroleum & Chemicals, Industry & Domestic, Basic Research, Environment Impact Assessment Plant.
Services provided: Testing/Analysis/Evaluation, Training Programmes.

National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)
Nehru Marg
Nagpur- 440020, India.
Tel: (+91) 712 223893, 226071-5
Fax: (+91) 712 222725, 225191
Conducts research in Environment.
Services provided: Testing/Analysis/Evaluation, Design Engineering, Information Dissemination, Training Programmes.

Petroleum Conservation Research Association
603, New Delhi House
27, Barakhamba Road
New Delhi 110 001, India.
Telephone: (91 11) 371 5228
Fax: (91 11) 371 5228, 331 6566
Conducts research in optimising fuel use and avoiding wastage in the industrial sector.
Services provided: Energy Audit, Fuel Diagnostic Studies.

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