Botanical Research Laboratories in India

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India has the world's third largest pool of scientific and technical personnel.

National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI)
Post Box No 436
Rana Pratap Marg
Lucknow - 226001, India.
Tel: (+91) 522 271031-35
Fax: (+91) 522 282849, 282881
Conducts research in Plant Biotechnology, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Cytogenetics & Plant Breeding, Usar Land, Taxonomy and Ethnobotany, Tree Biology, Plant wealth Utilization, Environment Sciences, Germplasm.
Services provided: Testing/Analysis/Evaluation, Planting Materials, Surveys, Training Programme, Information Dissemination.

Regional Research Laboratory - Jammu (RRL-JM)
Canal Road
Jammu-Tawi - 180001, India.
Tel: (+91) 191 544382, 547493, 549051
Fax: (+91) 191 546383 548607
Conducts research in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Economic Plants, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Nonmetallic Minerals, Waste Utilization, Fruits and Vegetables, Non-conventional Energies.
Services provided: Testing/Analysis/Evaluation, Design Engineering, Planting Materials, Training Programmes.

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